The spider design is a basic 2d profile cut out on 3mm orange Perspex and then assembled to create a 3d version.

Laser Info


We have searched the net to find some interesting facts and info about lasercutting and the basic materials that can be cut.

We can’t cut all the materials listed, but it’s a basic guideline.




The design was cut out of 6mm Perspex that was double stacked and glued to give 12mm depth, used for signage for company.



The Designs had been setup up for Andre Stead.  He used the idea of aflock of birds  and the Perspex cut was a simple outline which was is then attached to a steel arm that connected with a spacer. The Design will be made up of over 600 birds when completed.


For more work check out



The design was made up of separate elements and converted to a vector.  The cutting speed is adjusted accordingly for paper and also has to be controlled very carefully so as not to burn the paper (or the factory down).

Casing For Canon


The Project was very simple but had to be well planned and executed, the camera could not get water damaged at all, we traced an older version and created a strong more airtight version using various :materials,Rubber,Foam  and Perspex combined to create a strong light and sturdy casing for the Stills camera used for surfing photos.

Sample Rack


The Design is a concept for a Medical company to store blood samples in an easy access manner, the design is laser engraved out of Rowmark 2mm and also cut out of 3mm Perspex and 80mm polystyrene to create a sturdy yet light design.

Floral Pattern Design


Lasercut design out of 3mm black perspex,the design was supplied by the Client and was used in a window display.

Billabong Trophy 2010


Trophies that were designed for Billabong Surf Comp 2010,the actual trophy was made out of Perspex ,vinyl and a wood base.diffrent divisions with diffrent catagories were made for boys and girls.

Big thanx to the guys in the workshop for this!!

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