Design project done for a 2nd year student, basic profile cut for the 2 main segments.

Champagne Bottles


The process behind creating 1m high bottles is very long and intricate, it starts with a primitive cut on the wire cutter, after that it is taken to the turntable to be sanded smooth and then glued to the cylindrical base to create the bottle shape. Large orders will take longer to produce.

These bottles were produce for http://www.puccinicreations.co.za

Car logo design


Polystyrene logo cut out which was then glued to a back-plate and painted with PVA to give the desired effect.



The Design was requested as a special project for a wedding, the actual design time was extensive and 2 smaller versions had to be made to tweak for the final design. The final polystyrene product was covered with rose petals and feathers.


Cosmo Lettering


The Lettering was done for Cosmo as a sample design, the polystyrene was cut at 100mm thickness and then painted up, the front facet was lasercut out of 2mm mirror Perspex and glued to the front. The final product looks awesome!

Bar Design


The Bar Design was done for a mobile bar service, the poly was cut using dxf and cad files which were then converted to cutting paths, the bar itself was made up of 3parts that slotted into each other to create the overall design, the poly bar was used to create a mould which they would use to create fiberglass versions.



Lettering cut out of Polystyrene, the front face was painted and a Perspex base was created for mounting purpose.

Life Saver


The Donut shape was achieved by cutting profile segments and assembling the parts, thereafter they were painted and then wrapped in material and rope to create a realistic version.

Soundpanel Design


The sound panel project has been a mutual design project between Rooftop Studios and Hotwired, the actual design is an algoryrthm broken up into 13 segments which are then glued together and epoxy-coated to create a strong yet light sound panel for easy mounting. The final stage is painting and bubble wrap. For any orders or question check out http://www.therooftop.co.za

Airplane Wheels


The wheels were ordered for a commercial done for an Airline, the wheels were done to spec, the polystyrene was cut in segments and glued together and then sanded to finish, the centre console was routered out of MDF board and glued into place, the wheels were then coated by Setup Design with rubber paint to create a realistic feel.

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